We are distributors of Hand Sanitizer Dispensers which is used for advertising. We are also involved in Partnership project tagged: CLEAN HANDS SAVE LIVES.

hand sanitizer‘Project – CLEAN HANDS SAVE LIVES’ is an important step forward in showing how an ‘Advertising Hand Sanitizer Dispenser’ can make much more meaningful and long-term impact on one of the world’s most critical healthcare challenges.

A healthy life starts from a clean hand and a healthy people make a healthy nation. Regular hand washing, particularly before and after certain activities, is one of the best ways to remove germs, avoid getting sick, and prevent the spread of germs to others. There are many germs that can be spread or picked up through inadequate hand cleansing. For example, cold viruses can be spread by touching people or objects. The flu virus is often spread by contact with infected people. Salmonella, a bacterium that causes severe upset stomach, can be picked up from surfaces where raw foods–particularly meats–have been sitting. That’s why hand sanitizers not only protect from illness, but also helps protect all those people you come into contact with.

However, most people find themselves in environment where they don’t have clean water at their reach for immediate cleansing before putting food/snacks into their mouths. If soap and water are unavailable, use of hand sanitizer to clean hands is the best option. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers can quickly reduce the number of microbes on hands. Hand sanitizers were developed for use after washing hands or for those times when soap and water are not available. They are gels that contain alcohol in order to kill the germs present on the skin. The alcohol works immediately and effectively in order to kill bacteria and most viruses. Alcohol can be very drying to the skin, so most brands of sanitizers also contain a moisturizer to minimize skin dryness and irritation.

Peanums Ventures Limited has come up with a new innovative product which is a special Hand Sanitizer Dispenser (HSD) equipment that is multifunctional. This equipment has a movement sensor which dispenses a blob of the hand cleanser without you needing to touch anything with your grubby paws. At the same time the unit has a screen which plays video adverts which can be used to encourage individuals to maintain clean hands.

Our strategy

The equipment will be strategically placed at shopping malls, Airport, hotels, fast food restaurants, hospitals,strategy Schools, etc where people are constantly available. The beauty of our (HSD) is its display screen and inbuilt speaker which will be used for advert propose.