Peanums Fruit Picks comes in various shapes and colours. Peanums Plastic Fruit Picks is manufactured from food grade polystyrene which has a high melt point, making it suitable for hot foods. A wide variety of Pantone colours are available, Yellow, Green, Red, Blue, Orange (5 colours mixed per lot).

The cost of our fruit picks is reasonable and we guarantee prompt delivery anywhere in Nigeria.

Visiting some five-star hotels in some countries outside Nigeria or travelling by air using renowned airlines like Etihad Airways, you will see how Fruit Picks are used to decently serve fruits and small chops. In its way, it makes the presentation appealing. Peanums is hereby introducing this same product to renowned hotels of which yours is not exempted.

We have made available some free samples of the Peanums Fruit Picks for use by your most valued customers and expect a feedback that will guide your decision in accepting our product and requesting supply in large quantities. We promise your customers will appreciate it.

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