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Long Life Gel Battery for Inverters, Solar, etc.

Sealed Rechargeable GEL Lead-Acid Battery

12-200-GED Gel Battery

(12V, 200.0Ah/10Hr rate)

Extreme long life Inverter battery manufactured to last up to three years.

Nominal Voltage 12volt
Nominal Capacity (Rated Capacity, Ah) 10hr of20.00A to 10.50V200.0Ah5hr of36.40A to 10.20V182.0Ah1hr of132.0A to 9.60V132.0Ah
Capacity affected by temperature 30℃(86℉): 105%25℃(77℉): 103%10℃(50℉): 95%

-10℃(14℉): 78%

Internal resistance (20℃(68℉), full charge) Approx.2.5m(milliohms)
Maximum discharge current 800A(Continuousdischarge)
Self-discharge (20℃(68℉) After 1 month 3%After 3 month 8%After 6 month 15%
Weight (approx.) 62.0kg(136lbs)
Weight efficiency (10hr rate) 35.29WH/kg
Volume efficiency (10hr rate) 82.05WH/Liter
Max. short-duration discharge current 3600Amperes
Housing material Container/cover made from ABS resin or Optional Flame retardant (UL94-Vo / L.O.I over 29)
Hardware 3/8*L30Bolt/Nut
Constant voltage charge Stand-by use: Voltage 13.32-13.68V (20℃) max. current no limitCyclic use: Voltage 14.40-15.00V (20℃) max. current 80.00Amperes
Life expectancy Stand-by use: 10-12 years (20℃)Cyclic use: 100% DOD 450cycle50% DOD 1000cycle

30% DOD 1800cycle


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